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Blog Tour Stop with Review - The Book-Lover's Retreat by Heidi Swain

Welcome to my blog tour stop and review of The Book-Lover's Retreat by Heidi Swain! What They Say:  One long summer. One perfect setting. Can fiction inspire real life…?   Sometimes a book grabs you by the heart and grows to mean everything to you. That’s what  Hope Falls  is to friends Emily, Rachel and Tori. So, when they get the chance to spend a whole summer at the cottage in Lakeside where the film adaptation was located, they know it is going to be the holiday of a lifetime. Spending six weeks away will give them a chance to re-evaluate their life choices. For Emily to decide which way her career will go – the safe route, or the more risky creative option? And for Rachel to decide whether to move in with her partner Jeremy. Then Tori has to drop out at the last moment, and her space is offered to another  Hope Falls  afficionado, Alex.  But when Alex turns out not to be who they expected, the holiday takes an unforeseen turn. And as the summer develops, so does their friendsh
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Blog Tour Stop with Review of A Truth For A Truth by Carol Wyer

  First off, I must apologise to Zoe and Carol. My blog tour stop was yesterday, and somehow my post got lost in the ether. I didn't notice until today, as thr hubby hasn't been well, and my time has been taken up with my dogs and caring for hubs. So, a day late and pared down from my original post due to lack of time, here is my review of A.Truth For A Truth by the wonderful Carol Wyer. Review: What can I say?? Any book by Carol Wyer is going to be a hit in my opinion, and this is no exception. DI Kate Young is a flawed character who is full of heart and humility. I think she's been dealt a shit hand in life, and struggles to figure out her path. Traumas and dramas, untrustworthy men, and unstable mental health make her slightly difficult to bond with sometimes. But still, I care a lot about her wellbeing. This installment of her series is really compelling, and an interesting take on a "who dunnit". More of a "who will they THINK dunnit"! I loved that!

Blog Tour Stop with Review of Together Again by Milly Johnson

 Welcome to my stop on the Blog Tour for Together Again by Milly Johnson!! What They Say: Sisters Jolene, Marsha and Annis have convened at their beautiful family home, Fox House, following the death of their mother, the tricky Eleanor Vamplew. Born seven years apart, the women are more strangers than sisters. Jolene, the eldest, is a successful romantic novelist who writes about beautiful relationships even though her own marriage to the handsome and charming Warren is complicated. Marsha, the neglected middle child, has put all of her energy into her work, hoping money will plug the gap in her life left by the man who broke her young heart. Annis is the renegade, who left home aged sixteen and never returned, not even for the death of their beloved father Julian. Until now. So when the sisters discover that their mother has left everything to Annis in her will, it undermines everything they thought they knew. Can saying their final goodbyes to Eleanor bring them together again? Toge

Blog Tour Stop with Review of Escape To Darling Cove by Holly Hepburn

 Welcome to my stop on the Blog Tour for Escape To Darling Cove by Holly Hepburn! What They Say: Eve has always lived on Ennisfarne, an idyllic island just off the coast of Northumberland and only accessible when tides are low. There she runs a bar overlooking Darling Cove, a heavenly horseshoe-shaped beach named after her seafaring ancestors, whose links to the Farne Islands stretch back centuries. Logan is a famous photographer desperate to evade the limelight after a difficult break-up. Renting a cottage from Eve, he chooses Ennisfarne in the hope of anonymity but is immediately spellbound by its natural beauty. The pair don’t get off to the best start, butting heads over Eve’s adorable but boisterous Chocolate Labrador. But when Logan's true identity is revealed, Eve realises her new tenant isn’t quite the man she thought he was. Is it too late to start again or will Logan’s island escape be over almost before it’s begun? What I Say: Escape To Darling Cove was just the tonic I
It's that time of year again!! Yep, you guessed it, BOOK OF THE YEAR 2022!!! I have (as of Dec 12) read 44 books, including several on Audio and for the month of December, I decided to turn all the books on my TBR backwards so I can't see the spines. Then I made myself a little lucky dip so I have to read whatever I draw out. It's been interesting so far! Anyhoo, let's get this show on the road! My Top 10 Books Published and Read in 2022 are; 10) The Judas Tree by Amanda Jennings 9) The Fixer Upper by Lauren Forsythe  8) Cornish Clouds and Silver Lining Skies by Ali McNamara 7) The Guilty Couple by C.L. T a ylor 6) From Now On by Amelia Henley 5) The Summer Fair by Heidi Swain 4) One Last Secret by Adele Parks 3) Mrs Van Gogh by Caroline Cauchi 2) The Family Remains by Lisa Jewell And my Book of the Year 2022 is... WOMEN LIKE US BY AMANDA PROWSE I discovered and fell in love with the books of T.M. Logan this year, when I got sent The Curfew to review. Now I'm worki

Blog Tour Stop with Review - The Judas Tree by Amanda Jennings

  Welcome to my Blog Tour Stop for The Judas Tree by Amanda Jennings! What They Say: At a bleak boys’ boarding school in Cornwall in the eighties when bullying is rife, Will and his best friend, Luke, are involved in a horrific incident that results in Luke leaving. Twenty-five years later their paths cross again and memories of a painful childhood come flooding back to haunt them both. Will’s wife, Harmony, is struggling after a miscarriage that has hit her hard, and wishes Will would open up about what happened. But as Will withdraws further, she finds herself drawn to the charismatic stranger from her husband’s past, Luke, and soon all three are caught in a tangled web of guilt and desire . . . From Amanda Jennings, author of  The Cliff House , comes a haunting thriller about betrayal and revenge. What I Say: It's hard to put my thoughts on The Judas Tree in to words. The story is so complex and full of emotion that it seeps into your pores and becomes a part of you. Hurt, hear

Blog Tour Stop with Review of Three's A Crowd by S.R. Booker

Welcome to my Stop on the Blog Tour for Three's A Crowd by S.R Booker! What They Say: What happens when an estranged father and son unwittingly fall in love with the same woman? Out-of-work actor  Harriet  is recuperating from a crash-and-burn affair with Damian – aka ‘Cockweasel’ – and making ends meet as a barista when she meets two rather lovely men.  Tom  is a regular at the café, and seems like  such  a nice guy. Smooth-talking DJ  Richard  is older, but in great shape – a real silver fox.   Deciding to take a chance on both of them, Harriet doesn’t realise at first that she is actually dating father and son. Tom and Richard aren’t on speaking terms, and don’t share a last name – so how was she to know? By the time everyone finds out, both Tom and Richard are truly madly deeply in love with Harriet, and she’s faced with an impossible choice.   But as the battle for her affections intensifies, ‘Cockweasel’ makes an unexpected reappearance and begs her to give him another chance

Blog Tour Stop with Review of A Christmas Celebration by Heidi Swain

  Welcome to my stop on the Blog Tour for A Christmas Celebration by Heidi Swain!! I'm so proud to be closing off this sensational tour! What They Say: When Paige turns up unannounced at Wynthorpe Hall, she discovers the place she knew when she was growing up has changed beyond all recognition. She’s only planning to stay for a short time, but is quickly pulled into local life.   One night while driving home after delivering library books and shopping to residents she stumbles across an isolated cottage and meets Albert, its elderly and rather grumpy owner. She quickly realises there’s more to Albert than meets the eye and the same can be said for the other man she can’t seem to help running into, handsome but brooding Brodie.   All three of them have a secret and a desire to hide away from the world, but with Christmas on the horizon, is that really the best way to celebrate the season? What I Say: A new book from Heidi Swain is one of my favourite things ever! A new Christmas bo

Blog Tour Stop with Review of The Christmas Cupid by Jennifer Joyce

  Welcome to my Stop on the Blog Tour for The Christmas Cupid by Jennifer Joyce! I'm so excited to share this book with you!   What They Say: One Day in Decembe r  meets  Groundhog Day  in this hilarious Christmas rom com! Zoey Beake is having a bad December. She might be an elf in the local toy shop’s Christmas department, but it’s hard to stay festive when you’ve just been dumped, you’ve had an  extremely  unfortunate haircut, and your boss volunteers you to walk on stilts in the toy shop’s Christmas parade. But then something incredible happens. Zoey is sent back to the start of December, with the chance to live the whole month again. The catch? She has to match six true-love couples by Christmas Eve. Now it’s not just her own love life she needs to fix… Grab the mistletoe, the Christmas Cupid is ready to matchmake! What I Say: Jennifer Joyce certainly knows how to write a festive Rom-Com! The way she writes is full of quirky characters and sometimes sweet, sometimes hilarious b

Blog Tour Stop with Review of From Now On by Amelia Henley

Welcome to my Stop on the Blog Tour for From Now On by Amelia Henley ! What They Say: A heartbreaking tragedy. Charlie left his hometown behind years ago and hasn’t looked back since. These days, with a successful career and a beautiful soon-to-be fiancée, he couldn’t be happier. But when he receives some unexpected news, his life is forever changed. A life-changing choice. Suddenly things are falling apart, and now Charlie has to care for his family. How is he supposed to look after a heartbroken little brother and a sullen teenage sister who want nothing to do with him? He’s completely at a loss and knows he can’t do it alone – not without the help of his oldest friend, Pippa. The chance to start afresh. As Charlie steps back into his old life, he soon realises it’s only his family who needs fixing, there’s also his relationship with Pippa too. But returning home is a painful reminder of all that he lost and tried so hard to forget. And if Charlie is to fight for what he wants, first