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Exciting New Covers and Giveaway from Belinda Jones

The ever wonderful Belinda Jones has some exciting news!
Her books are getting GORGEOUS new covers! Three of them have been given new titles too.
Summer in Greece is Out of the Blue Dancing Girls is Living La Vida Loca Hollywood Calling California Dreamers (Don't worry, the UK ebooks will still have the same titles).

Belinda has also offered to send one of you Lovely lot a postcard featuring one of the fab new covers, complete with a California post mark!
All you have to do is leave a blog comment telling me which is your favourite Belinda Jones book and why and I'll choose a winner at random on Friday 23rd.

2015: The year of working, laughing, loving and living

Well, here we are. A week and a half into the new year. Are you all sticking to your resolutions? I am, so far.

I decided that I want to be more Sparkly. That to me, means happier, nicer, more kind and caring. It means feeling good about myself and my choices. It means feeling free to love and laugh.

Over the years I have lost my giggle. That was one thing my Mum told me in a letter she wrote me before she died. Never stop giggling. And I'm sad to say I did stop. People have noticed, family and friends have commented on it. My fiancĂ© has mentioned it more than once and it was starting to cause problems. I got quite depressed and struggled on a daily basis. Books were kind of a saving grace as was Twitter. But the real world and my REAL life were shut out.

So, this year I have decided to change all of that. 2015 is my year of laughing, loving, travelling, working, smiling, playing and giggling.

I will still read and review, but only the books I choose. No more blog tours unless I …

My Review of Bodie on the Road by Belinda Jones

Happy New Year! My first book completed in 2015 is the fabulous Bodie on the Road by Belinda Jones! The idea of a book written as a travel guide for a canine companion sounds kinda bonkers. But you know what? This is Belinda Jones we're talking about. Of course it's going to be brilliant!Bodie on the Road tells the story of how Belinda came to be Bodie's guardian (as was so wonderfully put in the book) and the journey they took getting to know each other. It's full of dog friendly places to visit, delicious sounding food and spectacular scenery as well as some brilliant characters they met along the way.Bodie is a real gem. It sounds like he healed Belinda's heart and made her feel complete. I totally get how a dog can do that. He's a sweet, good natured guy who loves nothing more than a tummy tickle or scrap of food. Belinda puts him in such a charming, human light that sometimes you forget he has 4 legs. He really is the ideal travelling companion! The accomp…