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Blog Tour Stop with Extract - The Escape by C L Taylor

Welcome to my stop of the Blog Tour for The Escape by C L Taylor!
' I am very much looking forward to reading this book as I have devoured all of Cally's others! It is up next on my TBR pile and I will review soon. So for now, enjoy this exclusive extract and go buy the book!
"Chester? CHESTER? Max stalks from room to room, his hands balled into fists and tucked under his armpits. Jo’s been planning a move to Chester and she didn’t think to mention it to him? He’d logged on to her laptop while his was updating and discovered that she’d left three tabs open in Firefox – one for a student-support job at the University of Chester, one for Rightmove and one for a primary school in Malpas. Was that the real reason she’d gone up to Chester? To go to an interview or attend a viewing before she visited her parents? He nearly called her yesterday, when he found the laptop, then changed his mind. This is a conversation they need to have face-to-face. He’s been quietly seething for ne…

Blog Tour Stop "The Cows" including - Q & A with Dawn O'Porter

Welcome to my stop on the Blog Tour for The Cows by Dawn O'Porter! Q&A With Dawn O'Porter
The Cows is written from the point of view of three very different women - Tara, Stella and Cam. Which of the three girls do you think is most like you? Or at least that you relate to the most?
Really, it’s a mix of all three. They all carry an element of who I am. I feel like I relate to them all. I really didn’t put as much of myself into this book as I have before, but I would be lying if I said they didn’t all represent different elements of who I am. Do you think if you knew them in real life you would be friends with Cam, Stella and Tara? Yes for sure. Tara and Cam anyway, they are my kinds of women. Stella would be spikey, she’d probably hate me. But she has a softer side in there, something I’d like to think I could tap away at. I like how ‘un-fluffy’ she is. That appeals to me more than girly types, so I think if we were stuck in a lift together we’d eventually get on. Online…

Blog Tour Stop with Extract - The Secrets of Ivy Garden by Catherine Ferguson

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for The Secrets of Ivy Garden by Catherine Ferguson!PUBLISHING IN EBOOK: 3RD April 2017 What They Say: When Holly breaks up with her boyfriend Dean, she’s at a loss as to what to do next. But things go from bad to worse when her beloved grandmother Ivy dies – and Holly is left in charge of sorting out Ivy’s house and garden. As she sorts through her grandmother’s belongings and makes her way through the wilderness outside, Holly soon finds that there is more to Ivy than meets the eye, and uncovers a surprising family secret that changes everything…

This is a heart-warming and hilarious story from Catherine Ferguson about starting over, learning to garden and most of all learning to love. Read an Exclusive Extract of The Secret of Ivy Garden We stood on the dusty railway platform, Ivy and I, saying our goodbyes. The August sun burned down, making my hangover worse. (It turned out that Ivy’s home-made rhubarb and ginger wine was rather more potent than eve…