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Blog Tour Stop with Review - The Effortless Mind by Will Williams

Whether teaching meditation to 5000 people at Glastonbury, launching World Meditation Day from London’s Fabric nightclub or bringing people together in Berlin, San Francisco and LA to meditate; Will Williams is bringing meditation to the masses in a jargon-free, accessible way. Will has taught everyone from Kate Winslet and Basement Jaxx to the staff at Google, Spotify and Universal how to meditate with astounding results.  
An incredibly successful technique, long term sufferers of debilitating conditions including stress, insomnia, depression and anxiety have used Will’s unique Beeja meditation technique to transform their lives. Jargon-free and straight to the point, The Effortless Mind offers an accessible guide for those needing a breakthrough on challenges from anxiety to diet and addiction to trauma.  Will’s 20 minute Beeja meditation technique is hugely successful because it’s simple enough for beginners but quick enough for busy lives as it can be done literally anywhere…