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Losing Dad

Sorry for the silence of late. It has been an utter whirlwind of a few weeks for me. I don't even know where to begin, really.

Well, there is a court thing to do with my past that I can't go into publicly but that was due to happen in December and has now been postponed until summer. That had me stressed beyond belief thinking that I may not be around for Christmas and my Dad just wanting to know what we were planning to do for the holidays.

As it turned out, I was here, I was present and I was prepared. We didn't do gifts but we did a gorgeous dinner on Christmas day with my Dad, my fiancĂ© Steve and I. I had done all my food prep in the days leading up to Christmas so dinner itself was stress free and easy. We had a gorgeous day with Dad. He had been suffering some ill health recently, but nothing too urgently worrying. He'd been in and out of hospital with breathing difficulties for 2 months or so. But on Christmas day, he was well. We laughed, watched films, enjoyed…