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The Adventure Begins - Oringinally Posted 01/07/14

You may (or may not) remember a while ago, my fiancé and I were talking about getting a bus and touring the country. We talked about it a lot and for about 4 years. Something always held us back, held ME back, there were always reasons not to do it. Until now.

 2 weeks ago, we argued all night long and as the sun came up and he left for work, I was left sat there thinking "now what". No resolution had been reached. I was quite frantic and could feel myself spiralling down to my dark place. I didn't want to be there... So I did something I thought I'd never do. I went to him and said "Fuck it. Let's do it!" His face was a picture. He seemed stunned. I was stunned! We talked about for the rest of the day and he kept asking if it was what I really wanted. It had to be, because the only thing that mattered at that moment was being with him. And if that meant letting go of the flat, the shop, the stress, that's what we would do.

That night I began listing things on ebay (all our furniture) and put all my designer bags and shoes for sale on Facebook. I decided that if we were doing it, we were doing it right. Get rid of all the ostentatious, materialistic crap, take only what we'd need or really couldn't bear to let go. I have been holding on to a lot of stuff that was my Mums and I felt it was time to let some of it go. And books. Oh, the books!! That was hard! I've been collecting Stephen King hardbacks since I was 12, Mum used to buy me one for Christmas every year. But they went to a good home. I kept all my signed books and proofs and all of my TBR, but I let go of the ones I've read and will most likely never have time to read again. It only took 24 hours for most of our big furniture to be listed and my beautiful solid oak dining table was the first thing to sell, the very next day.

It was real.. We were doing it! We bought ourselves a caravan for our temporary home and started packing. Everything sold before moving day so we didn't have to worry about anything. We moved out of our beautiful apartment and moved into our caravan.

The big plan is to buy a bus and convert it into a sort of motorhome and go traveling. We need to find the right bus, we need to save money buy cutting down our outgoings and then we need to do the work on the bus. We figure we will be on the road by the end of the year at the latest. It all depends on how quickly we find a suitable vehicle. We aren't talking a little camper van or anything like that. We're talking pop star style tour bus. A bit of home on the road. Shower, proper bed, kitchen, self sufficient so we don't need campsites for electric and water. Proper...

So far, the caravan is cosy. It's tiny but it works. It's parked at my Dads, which means we have all the facilities we need and we can still save money. Plus, I get to be near Dad if he needs me. It makes it so much easier doing his leg care routine, I just fall out of bed and I'm there! No more 20 minute walk and 10 minute taxi ride to get here! Yay! The biggest adjustment for me so far has been chilling out. It's weird, but I can't seem to let go and not have a plan for every minute of the day! I never thought I'd gotten that uptight, but I have! I need to relax and just go with the flow! I will, I'm working on it. So, there you go! That's the big change I keep mentioning on Twitter.

We now live in a caravan while we prepare to go traveling in our bus. No more rat race, no more stuff, no more stress. Just me, him, some books and the open road


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