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Blog Tour Stop with Recipe - One Summer In Italy by Sue Moorcroft

Welcome to my stop on the Blog Tour for One Summer in Italy by Sue Moorcroft! I'm delighted to bring you a delicious recipe for Pork Saltimbocca too!

What They Say:

When Sofia Bianchi’s father Aldo dies, it makes her stop and look at things afresh. Having been his carer for so many years, she knows it’s time for her to live her own life – and to fulfil some promises she made to Aldo in his final days.

So there’s nothing for it but to escape to Italy’s Umbrian mountains where, tucked away in a sleepy Italian village, lie plenty of family secrets waiting to be discovered. There, Sofia also finds Amy who is desperately trying to find her way in life after discovering her dad isn’t her biological father.

Sofia sets about helping Amy through this difficult time, but it’s the handsome Levi who proves to be the biggest distraction for Sofia, as her new life starts to take off…

One Summer In Italy is out now with Avon books in ebook and paperback!

Thanks to Sabah Khan at Avon for sending me a copy (and some goodies!) in exchange for my honest review, which will follow when I have caught up on my reading.

Aurora’s Pork Saltimbocca

6 medallions of pork tenderloin, about 1 inch thick
6 slices of Parma ham
6 large, fresh sage leaves
170ml Marsala wine
1.5 tbsp olive oil
Salt and pepper

1. Beat the medallions to make them slightly thinner and stretched out, and season both sides with salt and pepper.

2. Lay a slice of Parma ham over each medallion and fold the ham over, wrapping the medallion as much as possible.

3. Place a sage leaf into the centre of each piece and secure with half a cocktail stick.

4. Gently heat the Marsala in a small saucepan.

5. Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the medallions (sage leave side down first) for 2 minutes on each side.
6. Then pour over the hot Marsala and let it all bubble and reduce for around a minute until you have a nice syrupy sauce.

7. Transfer the pork to warm plates to serve, removing the cocktails sticks and spooning the sauce over top. Serve with sautéed potatoes and a mixed salad.


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