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Blog Tour Stop with Extract - Stand by Me by SD Robertson

Welcome to my stop on the Blog Tour for Stand By Me by SD Robertson! I have an exclusive extract for you today!

What They Say:

They’ll always have each other…won’t they?

Lisa and Elliot have been best friends ever since the day they met as children. Popular, bright and sporty, Lisa was Elliot’s biggest supporter when the school bullies made his life a misery, and for that, he will always be grateful.

Twenty years later, life has pulled the pair apart and Lisa is struggling. Her marriage is floundering, her teenage kids are being secretive, and she’s so tired she can’t think straight. So when Elliot knocks on the door, looking much better than she remembers, she can’t help but be delighted to see her old friend again.

With Elliot back in their lives, Lisa’s family problems begin to improve – he’s like the fairy godmother she never had. As their bond deepens, she realises how much she’s missed him, and prays that this is one friendship that will last a lifetime. But sometimes, life has other ideas…

Extract: Chapter 5, pp.31-32

A good-looking man in smart jeans and a red polo shirt stared back at her, illuminated by the motion-sensor light on the front of the house. He appeared startled, although that was hardly surprising considering her sudden, violent entrance. ‘Lisa?’ he asked, his big, deep blue eyes scanning her up and down.

‘Who’s asking?’

The man, who looked vaguely familiar, gave her a playful grin, showing off a perfect set of white teeth. ‘That would be telling, wouldn’t it?’

This was an odd answer and he had a strange accent to match, which Lisa couldn’t put her finger on. There was definitely some local in there, but mixed in with something else. It reminded her of that mid-Atlantic twang that US-based British actors sometimes adopted. But that wasn’t it either. Scandinavian? No, she didn’t think so. She’d need to hear him speak some more to work it out.

Wherever he was from – and whatever he wanted – Lisa’s immediate temptation was to give him short shrift, based on the fact it was late on a Friday night to be showing up unannounced. But seeing him standing there on her doorstep, all tanned and muscular with closely cropped dark hair and a chiselled jawline, she hesitated. Could he be someone she recognised off the TV? She found herself looking behind him for a cameraman, but if there was one, he was well hidden.

‘You don’t recognise me, do you?’ he said. ‘That’s under¬standable. It’s been a long time. I wasn’t totally sure it was you straight away, what with the blonde hair and all, but now I see it. Those gorgeous hazel eyes of yours haven’t changed one bit. Come on, Lisa, have a guess.’

Then the penny dropped and her hands flew to her mouth as she gasped. ‘No, it can’t be!’

‘Yes, it can.’

Standby Me is out now in paperback and E-book with Avon.

Huge thank you to Sabah Khan at Avon for sending me a pb copy of this book in exchange for my honest review, which will follow as soon as I've read it.


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