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Blog Tour Stop with Review of A Postcard From Paris by Alex Brown

Welcome to my blog Tour Stop for A Postcard From Paris by Alex Brown! I'm so excited to share this book with you all! Alex Brown is one of my go-to authors and always brings a smile to my face. I hope  you'll enjoy a trip to Paris via Tindledale. What They Say: Annie Lovell is keen to put the spark back into her life and when her elderly neighbour inherits an abandoned Parisian apartment she goes to Paris to discover more. Her curiosity takes an unexpected turn on discovering a bundle of secret diaries hidden within the walls, detailing the life of a young English woman, Beatrice Crawford, who volunteered in 1916 to nurse the soldiers in the fields of France.   Captivated by the romantic City of Light, Annie realises first appearances are not always as they seem. Following Beatrice’s journey from the Great War, through the Roaring Twenties and to a very different life in Nazi-occupied Paris, Annie must piece together the events from the past, if she is to fulfil the legacy that
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Blog Tour Stop with Review - The Whispers by Heidi Perks

Welcome to my Blog Tour Stop for The Whispers by Heidi Perks!! What They Say: A MISSING WIFE. FOUR FRIENDS. WHO IS TELLING THE TRUTH? Anna Robinson hasn't been seen since she went on a night out with her four closest friends. She has a loving husband and a son she adores. Surely she wouldn't abandon them and her perfect life. . . But what has happened to her? At the school gates, it's not long before the rumours start. Anna's oldest friend Grace is beside herself with worry - desperately searching for answers, and certain that someone is hiding the truth. With each day that passes, Anna's life is under increasing threat. And a the pressure mounts, it won't be long before something cracks. . . What I Say: The Whispers is a slow burning thriller that creeps up on you. It's intriguing and keeps you guessing but isn't in your face. It's subtly scary, dangerous in its quiet eeriness and it will draw you in. I've found that with all of Heidi's book

Blog Tour Stop with Review - An Eye For An Eye by Carol Wyer

Welcome to my stop on the Blog Tour for An Eye For An Eye by Carol Wyer! What They Say: A killer running rings around the police. A detective spiralling out of control. DI Kate Young is on leave. She’s the force’s best detective, but her bosses know she’s under pressure, on medication and overcoming trauma. So after her bad judgement call leads to a narrowly averted public disaster, they’re sure all she needs is a rest. But when Staffordshire Police summon her back to work on a murder case, it’s a harder, more suspicious Kate Young who returns. With a new ruthlessness, she sets about tracking down a clinical, calculating serial killer who is torturing victims and leaving clues to taunt the police. Spurred on by her reporter husband, Young begins to suspect that the murderer might be closer than she ever imagined. As she works to uncover the truth, Young unravels a network of secrets and lies, with even those closest to her having something to hide. But with her own competence—and

Blog Tour Stop with Extract - Married at First Swipe by Claire Frost

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Married At First Swipe by Claire Frost! I have an exclusive extract for you today and I'm so excited to share it! What They Say: The brand new novel from the author of acclaimed debut Living My Best Life. Perfect for fans of Helly Acton, Mhairi McFarlane and Laura Jane Williams.       Hannah lives life on the edge. Never one to pass up on a new adventure, she has truly been living her best life. But once the adrenaline wears off, she wishes she had someone to spend the quieter moments with too. Learning that her best friend’s online dating business has taken a hit, she comes up with an idea that just might solve both of their problems...   Jess has been with her husband for twenty years. They have a stable marriage, great kids and run their own businesses. But what looks like a perfect life from the outside has its own problems within, and with her business on the brink Jess can’t help but wonder where the spark has gone in her life, and whe

Blog Tour Stop and Review of The Island by CL Taylor

Welcome to my Blog Tour Stop and Review of The Island by CL Taylor! What They Say: Welcome to The Island. Where your worst fears are about to come true… It was supposed to be the perfect holiday: a week-long trip for six teenage friends on a remote tropical island. But when their guide dies of a stroke leaving them stranded, the trip of a lifetime turns into a nightmare. Because someone on the island knows each of the group’s worst fears. And one by one, they’re becoming a reality. Seven days in paradise. A deadly secret. Who will make it off the island alive? What I Say: Wow! This book completely blew my mind! CL Taylor is one of my go-to authors, her books always deliver an adrenaline rush and make your head spin a little bit. Each book she writes is darker and more messed up than the one before. The Island is listed as a YA thriller but I would recommend this to anyone who likes a good chilling read. There are

Goodbye 2020

  Like so many others, I can't wait to see the back of this year. We've all struggled, we've all been isolated and missing loved ones. Our worlds have been turned upside down and it looks like this is our new normal for the foreseeable future. It sucks, but hopefully it will prove to be worth it. So I won't bang on about our Covid year. I will tell you about MY year.  We began with Dad's funeral early in January, after his passing on December 27th. It wasn't a funeral as such. He wanted no send off but I couldn't quite comply with that. I held a celebration of life for him and it was lovely. Life then carried on as normal for a while. In March, Steve ended up in hospital with what they called a chest infection, but we now believe was actually Covid. He was in for almost 3 weeks but eventually came home to me. Then lockdown began and things changed for everyone. May was the worst month for me. Steve went back in hospital due to his kidneys failing. I was al

Books of the Year 2020!

Well, it's that time of year again! My Books of the Year list is here and I'm excited to share it with you! I have read 57 books (as of today, 09/12/20) but there will be at least a couple more to add, I'm sure. Find me on Goodreads to see the full list of books I've read this year. I chose my Top 15 books Plus a few special extras, as I read so many awesome books! 1 5. Pretending - Holly Bourne 14. The Gin O'clock Club - Rosie Blake 13. The Storm - Amanda Jennings 12. Flying Solo - Zoe May 11. Kate and Clara's Curious Cornish Craft Shop - Ali McNamara 10. The Secret Admirer (DI Natalie Ward Book 6) - Carol Wyer 9. Strangers - CL Taylor 8. The Secret Seaside Escape - Heidi Swain 7. In Case You Missed It - Lindsey Kelk 6. My One True North - Milly Johnson 5. My Pear-Shaped Life - Carmel Harrington 4. What We Leave Behind - Anna Mansell 3. Just My Luck - Adele Parks 2. The Unwrapping of Theodora Quirke - Caroline Smailes 1. Invisible Girl - Lisa Jewell Favourite N

Blog Tour Review - Just Shelby by Brooklyn James

Oh I love Brooklyn James! Her books are so full of heart and music and they just sweep you away!  Shelby, Ace and their families are so engaging and captivating that I instantly warmed to them. I wanted the best for all of them, I wanted to know more. I wanted the story to unfold a certain way and I wasn't disappointed. This story is dramatic, sweet, sad, funny and romantic. It's heartbreaking in parts, uplifting in others. Just beautiful! Brooklyn has a way of storytelling that is uniquely hers. The settings and language she uses are perfect and her characters are so believable. It all just leaps off the page and transforms into a movie in front of your eyes. It's truly incredible. Thank you for another gorgeous story, Brooklyn!! 9/10

Blog Tour Stop with Review - The Boy Between by Amanda Prowse and Josiah Hartley

Welcome to my stop on the Blog Tour for The Boy Between by Amanda Prowse and Josiah Hartley.  What They Say: Bestselling novelist Amanda Prowse knew how to resolve a fictional family crisis. But then her son came to her with a real one… Josiah was nineteen with the world at his feet when things changed. Without warning, the new university student’s mental health deteriorated to the point that he planned his own death. His mother, bestselling author Amanda Prowse, found herself grappling for ways to help him, with no clear sense of where that could be found. This is the book they wish had been there for them during those dark times. Josiah’s situation is not unusual: the statistics on student mental health are terrifying. And he was not the only one suffering; his family was also hijacked by his illness, watching him struggle and fearing the day he might succeed in taking his life. In this book, Josiah and Amanda hope to give a voice to those who suffer, and to show them that help can b